addicolorscrochet2015Addi Color Crochet Hooks

In our first installment of the Gifts for Crocheters from A to Z we obviously start with the letter A. What better way to celebrate the letter A of crocheting than Addi Color crochet hooks? They are made by one of the highest quality crafts manufacturers in Europe and come in a sweet carrying case. Regular metal crochet hooks can be tough on the wrists, but the Addi Colors have textured rubber grips that can take the pressure on the wrists. There are two different textures, thin lines towards the hook, and thicker ridges towards the end. This can help crocheters achieve a little extra leverage with the yarn.

Why get a nice set of crochet hooks when the crocheter in your life might already have a set? A well-made, high-end set of crochet hooks tells your loved one that you care about their hobby and want them to have the best materials to work with. It shows that you've gone the extra mile to think about your crocheter.

The Addi Colors come with 9 different sizes from 2mm to 6mm.(A - J) and come with a lifetime guarantee, which means that you can contact your regional addi distributor anytime you have a problem with the hooks. 

addiswingcrochethooks2015Addi Swing Crochet Hooks

Addi also produces a set of ergonomic crochet hooks under the Addi Swing brand. Much like the Color Crochet Hooks, the Swing Crochet Hooks feature two different types of plastic, one harder than the other, kind of like your favorite toothbrush to add a little extra sensory experience to your crocheting. Some people find these crochet hooks easier on the wrists than traditional aluminum ones. 

The Addi Swing set comes with 13 crochet hooks, 4 more crochet hooks than the Addi Color, starting at A (2.0mm) to L (8.0mm). Unfortunately they do not come with their own carry case, but there are a ton of beautiful crochet hook cases that would do the job.

If you're still confused about crochet hook sets, check out our crochet hook comparison chart so that you can see the different varieties made by many manufacturers to compare price and content. 

Stay tuned in the coming days we'll have our next installment in Gifts for Crocheters from A to Z and explore the letter B, which might be for Crochet Project Bags? You'll have to come back to know for sure!


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