One great way to improve your crochet skills is to build a good library of crochet books in your home. Having a few how to crochet books at your disposal means that you'll have the answers to any of your crochet questions at your fingertips and tips and tricks on how to achieve different crocheted effects without having to take a class or leave your home. Owning a few crochet pattern books ensures that you will have a wealth of inspiration available to you whenever you begin a new crochet project. When choosing a crochet book, especially when first learning, pick one that might have the best method of illustrated crochet techniques. Some books use photos, others use illustrations. Think about what will be the easiest way for you to understand how to hold your hands as you make those first steps towards becoming a crocheter.


Here are some of our favorite crochet books for beginning crocheters


atozcrochetcloseThe A to Z of Crochet

One of the best pieces of advice I can give to new crocheters is to get a good reference on crocheting (like this one) and read it from front to back. This is especially true if you've been crocheting for a few months and have a few basic techniques understood. Once you read this book backwards and forwards you'll be able to connect the dots on other techniques and become a much more knowledgeable crocheter.


photoguidetocrochetsmallThe Complete Photo Guide to Crochet

Some people like detailed photos to teach them a new skill. This is the book for your if you want to learn how to crochet using step by step photo instructions. This is a great resource when teaching videos go too fast for you to really understand a crochet technique or if learning as part of a group in a class is too distracting for you.



crochetanswerbooksmallThe Crochet Answer Book

There are going to be times when you don't quite know what the right choice is for a crocheter. There are so many techniques and methods that sometimes you don't know which one could be the right one for you and that's where the crochet answer book comes in. It has answers to almost all of the crochet questions you might have. It's a handy resource to keep in your crochet project bag anytime you get confused when you're crocheting. A must for every crocheter. Hands down. The best part is being able to search based on your question.



howtocrochetsmallHow to Crochet - A Complete Guide for Beginners

This is one of the more stylish beginning crochet books and works great to both teach and inspire you to crochet. It's full of detailed photos and projects to get you crocheting in no time.





howtocrochetmodernsmallHow to Crochet - Techniques and Projects for the Complete Beginner

Not to be confused with the book above, this book features lots of modern photos and even has a ruler on its side to help you determine gauge. If I had to choose between this book and the one above, I would choose this one for someone who has more streamlined and modern design sensibilities and the book above for someone who has more traditional design sensibilities. Both a great books to help a beginner learn the craft of crochet.


Even if you have never crocheted before be sure to get a pattern book or two. These books will show you the different possibilities once you've learned how to crochet. If you're having problems learning inspiring yourself with certain projects will keep you motivated.

Here are some of our favorite crochet pattern books for beginners:


kidscrochetbooksmallKids Crochet

If your child is the one learning how to crochet, this is the perfect book for them to teach themselves or help you to teach them. Full of photos and written instructions, your child (or maybe even you) will be able to learn how to crochet in an afternoon. Recommended for grades 4 to 8.



vannascrochetanimalssmallVanna's Choice Easy Crochet Critters

Another great book for budding kid crocheters, or for the newly crocheting adult. Learn how to make small crocheted animals (in Japan they call them amigurumi). From lions to to elephants and alligators these small animal projects will teach you the ins and outs of crocheting. Small animals are so fast to make that you'll feel like an accomplished crocheter in no time.



amigarumitoyboxsmallAmigurumi Toy Box

Once you've mastered the easy crochet critters above you might want to move onto something a little more complicated and the Amigurumi Toy Box fits the bill. The projects in Amigurumi Toy Box are very similar to the easy crochet critters, but they are a little more detailed, teaching you how to make slightly more finicky crochet pieces for the finished product.



bigbooksofcrochetstitchessmallThe Big Book of Crochet Stitches

Once you've got the basic crochet stitches down, making little dishcloths with different more complicated stitch patterns is a great way to become a more experienced crocheter. The Big Book of Crochet Stitches gives you a giant collection of cool crochet stitches to try. Once you've become more familiar with crochet stitches and design you can apply these stitches to different kinds of patterns, making pillow covers, afghans or even cardigans or wraps. This book is yet another step in the foundation to becoming a master crocheter.


Whether you're a new crocheter or you know someone who does, finding a great book for a beginning crocheter is a great way to support a new crochet hobby and improve your craft. Stay tuned here as we continue to update these books as new ones are published or the above books are updated.

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