We're now into the letter C in our adventure finding gifts for crocheters for every letter of the alphabet. We're going to use that opportunity to celebrate the perennial favorite of crocheters everywhere: cotton yarn. Why cotton? It's great for dish rags, rugs, and baby blankets. It's inexpensive, yet durable and long lasting. Crocheters love having extra yarn to add to their stashes and cotton will definitely get used, possibly even as crocheted gifts for friends and family.

Before we get to the Cotton Yarn, check out some of these dishcloth knitting books. Pick one of these books, add some "crochet cotton" as they say and you will have a thoughtful gift to give the crocheter you love.









pinksugarandcreamSugar and Cream

Sugar and Cream is a longstanding favorite, inexpensive and comes in a million colors. Combine a few balls of this with a crafting bag and a book of crochet patterns and your crocheter will be very happy at gift time, be it the holidays, wedding anniversary, birthday or Valentine's day.




kitchencottonLion Brand Kitchen Cotton

This is Lion Brand's version of Sugar and Cream. Wash it in cold water and lay flat to dry and you'll have long lasting dishcloths. This yarn is a little more pricey and you don't get very good yardage for it, you might want to look into Lion Cotton instead, however this yarn has a more handspun feel than the others and is a good competitor to even more expensive yarn barnds. 


lioncottonLion Cotton

This is some of the cheapest cotton you'll find. For just around $4.30 you get 230+ yards of crocheting goodness. Good for the crocheter who likes to crochet dishcloths in bulk!




lavenderultrapimaCascade Yarn Ultra Pima

This is the fancy cotton which is better for garments than Sugar and Cream or Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton. Definitely the go-to yarn for a special baby outfit or layette. It's expensive, but you get 220+ yards of yarn, which is better than the 99 yards afforded you with the Kitchen Cotton.



bernatdeluxBernat DeLux

If you want a ton of cotton yarn at a good price that is both machine washable and dryable, check out the Bernat DeLux. It would be interesting to see how each of these cotton yarns hold up under regular use.  

If you're looking for a gift for a crocheter, you could do very well buy some of what they call crochet cotton. Stay tuned for more Gifts for Crocheters from A to Z.

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