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crochetmotifbooksmallHere at Gifts for Crocheters, we hope to give you, probably the non-crocheting friend or family of a crocheter some great gift ideas for people who crochet. This can be a tough task, especially if you know very little about the pastime. From your perspective, it's probably just a lot of yarn and a hooky looking thing. Hopefully by now you've learned not to refer to crochet as knitting. That's a good start, but what else can you know about crocheters that can help you find a great gift for one?

  • Crocheters use hooks and not knitting needles
  • Crocheters make things called granny squares that when put together can make a well-designed afghan.
  • Crochet Bags are another great crochet project.
  • A Crocheter can never have enough yarn.
  • Crochet Project Books are always helpful.
  • A "knitting bag" can always double as a "crochet bag"

Now that you know a little bit more about crocheting here's some thoughtful gift ideas for crocheters to get you started:

Cotton yarn

Why cotton yarn? There's something called crochet cotton that allow crocheters to make very intricate projects, kind of like doilies.

Crochet Hook Sets

Your crocheter might already have a set of tools, but it's nice to have a set that you keep at home and a set that you bring with you on the road when you travel.

Rosewood Crochet Hooks

Sometimes crocheters like to use special hooks for a special project, especially if it's for a loved one.

Project Bags

Crochet project bags allow your crocheter to keep their crochet projects organized which is very important if you don't want them to get all tangled up in one another.

Tunisian Crochet Hook Sets

Tunisian crochet is a special kind of crochet where you crochet along a row back and forth on a long hook, without turning your work. It a type of crocheted fabric that is more similar to knitting

Crochet Books

If you can imagine, most of the time crocheters do not design their own projects. There are actual crochet pattern designers out there paid to come up with projects for crocheters to make. A great crochet book will inspire your crocheter to learn new skills and apply them to more and more complicated projects over time.

Crochet-inspired items

Every year somebody comes up with some unusual gifts for crocheters, or crochet-inspired things that are meant to appeal to just regular folks. Candles, plates, stationary. We'll keep our eyes out for cool stuff like that, you know like these crazy shoes with a crochet motif.


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