The easiest way to organize what could be a ton of crochet hooks is to find a reliable crochet hook case. How can a crochet hook case be reliable? It's simple. You crochet hook case should keep all of your crochet hooks in invidividual slots without them ever able to fall out. This means that you could have your crochet hook case full of crochet hooks in your crochet bag and never have to worry about opening up your bag and finding all of your crochet hooks all over the place. You would think that this would be true of every crochet hook case, but alas it's not. You'd be surprised. 

Crochet hook cases make excellent gifts for crocheters. It shows them that you understand how much they love their hobby and that you're more than willing to support it, especially if you've find a complete crochet hook set for them and want to wow them even more.

Gifts for Crocheters - Crochet Hook Cases

everythingmarycrochethookcaseEverything Mary Crochet Hook Case

It would be very difficult for crochet hooks to fall out of this case because this case is a cylinder with a zipped cap on top. The downside is that you can't organize your hooks according to size, but at the low price of $11.50 it's also one of the the best bargain crochet cases around.

teracrochethookcaseTera Crochet Hook Case

This is one of the most understated crochet hook cases available. It's a brown vegan leather roll case that you tie shut. The case has a long flap to cover the top of the hooks and keep them from falling out. 




chevroncrochethookcaseTenderheart Crochet Hook Case

This is the first of our crochet hook cases that has individual slots for each crochet hook. That said, there isn't a flap to keep the hooks from falling out, but you can slot the crochet hooks in a way to keep them from falling out. This is one of the cutest and most affordable crochet hook sets available. at $15.99


dellaqcaseDella Q Crochet Roll

Della Q makes some of the highest quality crochet and knitting cases available. This violet one doesn't just have slots for each crochet hook, but has each of those slots labeled, which makes finding and grabbing your crochet hook that much faster to do.

lanternmooncrochethookcaseLantern Moon Crochet Hook Case

Lantern Moon also makes amazing products for crocheters and the Lantern Moon crochet hook case. This is another crochet hook case where you don't have to worry about the hooks falling out. There's a slot for each hook and the case folds over in half and zips shut. The beautiful silk fabric is lovely too and makes a big statement gift for the crocheter you love.


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