crochethooksetcomparisonchartlogoOne of the best gifts for a crocheter that you can get is a complete set of crochet hooks. These sets make it so that your crocheter has every size crochet hook that they would need for any project. The problem is that there are many different sets of crochet hooks available on the market, using different materials at various price points. This means that it can be difficult to quickly decide which set of crochet hooks would be the best especially if you're giving the set as a gift and know nothing about crocheting. This crochet hook comparison chart is meant to give crocheters and novices alike a simple understanding of each crochet hook set, its materials, cases, hook sizes and cost so that you can easily pick the best crochet hook set for you. Click here to see the full Crochet Hook Set Comparison Chart.

The Crochet Hook Set Comparison Chart: 

  Brand  # Hooks  Size Range  Material Case Notions? Price
addiswingscrochethookset  Addi Swings  13  0-11, A-L  Plastic/Metal  No  No  $139.00
 addicolorscrochethookset Addi Colours  9  2-6/A-J  Plastic/Metal  No  Yes  $74.00
 brittanycrochethooks Britanny  10  3.25-9/D-M  Birch Wood  No  No  $70.00
clovercrochethooks  Clover 3672 Set  10  2.25-6/B-J  Plastic/Metal  No  No  $44.00
 crochetlitehookset Crochet Lite  8  2.75-6.5/C-K  Plastic Lite Up  No  No  $70.00
 cutehillcrochetset Cutehill  9  2mm - 6mm/A-J  Plastic/Metal  Yes  Yes  $24.99
 etimotuliprose Etimo Rose  10  2-6/A-J  Plastic/Metal  Yes  Yes  $95.00
 tulipetimoregularcrochethookset Tulip Etimo  8  3.25-6/D-J  Plastic/Metal  Yes  Yes  $79.00
 etimominicrochethookset Etimo Mini  8  14-0  Plastic/Metal  Yes  Yes  $44.07
 genericbamboocrochethookset Generic  20  1.0 - N  Bamboo  Yes  No  $11.15
 knitterspriderosewoodcrochethooks Knitters Pride Rosewood  9  3.5mm - 8mm/E-L  Rosewood  Yes  No  $78.00
 knitterspridedreamzcrochethooks Knitters Pride Dreamz  8 7-11, E-L  Wood Yes  No $39.49
 knitterspridewaves Knitters Pride Waves  9 2.75-6/C-J   Plastic   Yes  No  $34.95
 ostarcrochethooks Ostart  22  .5mm-6.5mm/.5-K  Metal  Yes  No  $8.15
 ultimatecrochethookset2 Ultimate 12  2-8/A-L  Metal  Yes  Yes  $36.95
yazycraftcrochethookset  Yazy Craft 12  1.6-5/1.6-H  Plastic/Metal  No  No  $7.16


Best Crochet Tool Set For Beginners

When you're beginning with crochet you don't want to spend a ton of money because there is some possibility that you might not like it, but you still want to have all of the tools you need available to you. With that in mind, you want to get one of the complete sets that include a case and the crochet notions. There are two such affordable crochet hook sets: the Ultimate for $36.95 and the Cutehill set at $24.99. If you don't mind purely aluminum crochet hooks, then the Ultimate is a great set. If you prefer the comfort of plastic grips then try the Cutehill Set. The Cutehill has fewer hooks, but you don't need to have all of the sizes when you're just starting out.


Luxury Crochet Hook Sets

There are quite a few high-end sets of crochet hooks. We break them down according to needle material types.


High End Plastic/Metal Crochet Hooks:

Addi Colors

The Addi Colors are simple metal crochet hooks with plastic handles, whereas the Addi Swings have ergonomically shaped plastic handles. Some people do not believe that the metal hook part is not long enough and can make crocheting awkward.

Addi Swings

The Addi Swing crochet hooks are metal crochet hooks with ergonimically designed plastic grips. You do have to adjust your way of crocheting to get the full use of these needles, using just the very top portion instead of the full length of the hook when crocheting. 


High End Wooden Crochet Hooks

Knitters Pride Rosewood

This is a perfect gift set for any crocheter. These rosewood crochet hooks are the kind of heirloom set that any knitter would love to receive as an extra special gift whether it's Mother's Day or Christmas. Each hook is handcrafted in India. Rosewood is a bit lighter than birch and a little softer on the hands.

Brittany Birch

Brittany makes handcrafted crochet hooks out of birch wood in the United States. If you're looking to buy American, this is the best crochet hook set for you -it does have one extra set over the Knitters Pride, but without the fancy display box. Also the crochet hooks are a lengthy 7.5 inches, which is really great if you're the kind of crocheter who likes to use a large portion of the hook to crochet. Birch is a hardwood and will last for years. Plus Brittany has a very generous exchange policiy should anything happen to your hooks.


Most Affordable Crochet Hook Sets

There are two very inexpensive crochet hook sets that include the entire range of crochet hook sizes in a useful cases. For all intents and purposes these needles work just fine, they might not be very fancy and you might end up having to buy another set in the future, but with both crochet hook sets under $12 these are too good a buy to pass up:

Generic Bamboo Set

Ostart Aluminum Crochet Hook Set


Metal Crochet Hooks with Plastic Grips

It's great that there are so many different metal crochet hook sets with plastic grips. What's strange is that they vary in price from $7 all the way up to $134. To be fair the $7 set doesn't have the best reviews, and the $134 set is controversial because the metal hook part is so short. I would start with the Cutehill Crochet Hook Set and see how that works for you, especially if you are a beginner crocheter, or a knitter who has to occasionally crochet a finished edge. Clover always makes a quality product, but their set doesn't come with a case. The Knitter's Pride Waves are also a great buy from a reliable manufacturer. 

One area that might be of interest to those who wish to save money or find a crochet hook case that is a little nicer than what usually comes with a crochet hook set is to buy a lower cost crochet hook set and then focus on finding a nice case. Stay tuned for another article from us focusing on just crochet hook cases soon.


In Conclusion

Whether you want to spend a ton of money or just a little there's a quality crochet hook set available to you. The Addi Colors are the nicest crochet hooks on the luxury end, but for something a little more traditional, the Knitters Pride Rosewood are lovely too. Start out with a less expensive set to see what materials you like best.