Crochet Hook Set Comparison Chart

crochethooksetcomparisonchartlogoOne of the best gifts for a crocheter that you can get is a complete set of crochet hooks. These sets make it so that your crocheter has every size crochet hook that they would need for any project. The problem is that there are many different sets of crochet hooks available on the market, using different materials at various price points. This means that it can be difficult to quickly decide which set of crochet hooks would be the best especially if you're giving the set as a gift and know nothing about crocheting. This crochet hook comparison chart is meant to give crocheters and novices alike a simple understanding of each crochet hook set, its materials, cases, hook sizes and cost so that you can easily pick the best crochet hook set for you. Click here to see the full Crochet Hook Set Comparison Chart.

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