Gifts for Crocheters - The Best Crochet Stocking Stuffer Ever!

allinonecrochethook2This gift must have slippped under the radar! Boye has come out with a little something special for crocheters this year. Knitters have interchangeable knitting needles, but now crocheters have the all in one boye crochet hook, which is basically the swiss army knife of crochet hooks. The tool features a rubber gripped handle, with four different crochet hook sizes that you can unfolk for your next crochet hook project. This can keep your hook from hooking things in your crochet bag. You can purchase two of these crochet hook tools, one features sizes D, F, H and J and the other has E, G, I and K. Get both and have all of your crochet hooks in two tidy packages. This is one of the most perfect stocking stuffers for crocheters. 

Only $9.99 too!

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