Did the person you love mention to you that they'd LOVE to learn how to crochet? Do you know absolutely nothing about crochet and suddenly find yourself having to buy crochet stuff for a newbie as a gift? You have my sympathy. Lucky for you that you don't have to learn the ins and outs of crochet to find a great give fore a new crocheter. It's easy to put together a meaningful gift for a new crocheter. just get a few learn-to-crochet books, some yarn and a crochet hook set and you're good to go. Add in a bag and you'll completely surprise a crocheter with your thoughtfulness!

Learn to Crochet Books

You CAN learn how to crochet on your own with just a book. From making a foundation chain to making your first granny square you'll find it all in these books:

Learn to Crochet Classes Online

If you think your wannabee crocheter might need some extra assistance, check out Craftsy's online crochet classes. A book will be an awesome reference for years to come, but the class will actually show step by step how to do the crochet basics.

Bags for Crocheters

Crochet Hook Sets

We have a few crochet hook sets to share, you can always read our comprehensive crochet hook set comparison chart to find the best high end crochet hook set for you.

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Gift ideas for crocheters:

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