It may have taken many years, but graduation time has arrived and time to celebrate your graduate with a thoughtful gift! If your graduate happens to be an enthusiastic crocheter, then picking a gift that encourages them to continue their favorite hobby. It's quite probable that all this time studying has taken away from their crochet time, so spoiling your graduate with some yarn, crochet hooks and a project bag might be especially welcome. 

Bags for Crocheters

It's super annoying for crocheters when knitters get all the attention. You don't hear so much about crocheting bags, but newsflash knitting bags work just fine for crocheters. 

crochetbag1I Crochet Bag

Just in case there was any question that your graduate might be a knitter and not a crocheter, it's all spelled out for everyone on this bag and it might help people figure out that there is a difference between knitting and crocheting.




bagsmithbag2015Bagsmith Bag

Simply one of the best fiber craft bags on the market, the bagsmith bag features an open top, clear plastic outer compartments for crochet tools, and a flat bottom. No zippers, no closures. This means that a crocheter can just carrying their project, sit down and start crocheting. 



janetbasketcrochetJanet Basket

This is one of the more unconventional crocheting bag available because it's more of a basket than a bag. It's the perfect solution to store your crochet project in progress at home for its easy access.



everythingmarycrochetbag12Everything Mary Flower Bag

This is one of the most inexpensive crafting bags available, but it's roomy enough to carry a small crochet project and all of your crocheting notions. Everything Mary also sells matching notions bags to carry your crochet hooks. It's a great value that's fun to carry around.




dellaqcrochetbagDella Q Isabella Bag

This bag is on the higher end of the spectrum, but has enough room for your projects, tools, crochet magazines and even a special compartment for your tablet computer. With so many crochet patterns exclusively available on the internet or via digital files having enough room for a tablet is a necessity for many crocheters.


Take Your Gift to the Next Level

Sure, a crochet project bag would be great on its own, but you could totally wow the graduating crocheter in your life with a few extra treats tucked inside the bag as an extra surprise.

addicolorscrochethooksetA Complete Set of High End Crochet Hooks

Our favorite crochet hook set is xyz, but you can read all about crochet hook sets here and see all the different ones available to compare.


goknitmediumSmall Project Bags

Keep your crochet projects organized and your yarn from getting all tangled up with a crochet project bag. This keeps your crochet bag from getting all messy and full of knotted yarn. 



lanternmoonpeacemeasuringtapeMeasuring Tapes 

Most crocheters would be lost without a reliable measuring tape. Without one you have no idea whether your project is going to fit correctly (or look right for that matter).

Whether the crocheter you love is graduating from high school or college or even graduate school, they will more than appreciate gifts that allow them to enjoy their hobby. They might just start a new crochet project before their graduation party ends! 

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