Stocking Stuffers for Crocheters

It's holiday season time and if you or your loved one has a small crochet habit finding a great stocking stuffer for crocheters might be on your to do list. It can be hard to find good stocking stuffers because crochet isn't as popular as knitting and there are fewer products made with crocheters in mind. Have no worry, as long time crocheters we know what kinds of gifts will delight them this holiday season 2014. From project bags to yarn there are some cool treasures that crocheters will love to find in their holiday stocking this year.


crochethookgrips2Crochet Needle Grips

If your crocheter has traditional aluminum crochet hooks, consider getting them a set of rubberized grips to make crocheting a little easier on their hands and wrists. The perfect size stocking stuffer for crocheters if there ever was one.




Crochet Hook Gauge

Most crochet hooks nowadays have the sizes listed on them, but they can be written in teeny tiny type and be hard to make sure that you're using the right size crochet hook. A crochet hook gauge will ensure that you are using the right hook.



The Clover Armour Rubberized Crochet Hook Set

If your crocheter is using the old school traditional needles and you want to offer them something a little extra special, getting an entire set of high quality crochet hooks would be an extra special gift in a crocheter's holiday stocking.



crochetboutiquehats2Crochet Boutique Hats

I know it's hard to fit a cook into a stocking, but sometimes a holiday stocking has to overflow, right? ;) This book of adorable crochet hats will have even the knitters clamouring to learn how to crochet.






The Hiya Hiya Small Project Bag for Crochet

Hiya Hiya produces a ton of great knitting and crochet tools and this small project bag is no exception. It's big enough for a crochet hat project -perfect for taking your crochet with you on the bus, on a plane or on a boat.


sugarandcremeyarn2Sugar and Creme Cotton Yarn - Ombres

Sugar and Creme is one of the go-to names in crochet cotton and is a great yarn for dishcloths and household items like placemats and handtowels. This particular color range of Sugar and Creme comes in a wide range of space dyed colors. Buy a few balls in your crocheter's favorite colors and it's likely with the other gifts listed here that they will be crocheting something new by lunchtime.


Holiday Gifts for Crocheters 2014

If you love someone who loves to crochet, but do not indulge in the needlecraft yourself it can be difficult to find the right gift for that person during the holidays. Fortunately there's a ton of great products that will spoil the crocheter that you love if you take a little time to learn a little bit about their craft.

Crocheters are very similar to knitters in that they both work with yarn, but crocheters do not use needles, they use a hook to make a series of knots, whereas knitters use pointy knitting needles to make a continuous series of interconnected loops. Both crafts have their virtues, but there are some to crocheting over knitting. Crocheting is sometimes much faster than knitting. You don't need as many tools as knitters to get your craft done. That said, a thoughtful crochet-related gift will make the crocheter in your life very surprised and happy.


Great holiday gifts for crocheters 2014:


Crochet Hooks

Hooks are the bare minimum necessity for crocheting and having a whole set in most sizes will mean the the crocheter that you love has all of the hooks they need for any project. Plus crochet hooks have come a long way from their old aluminum origins. Check out these crochet hook sets:


rubberizedcrochethookssmallThe Festival Hands Crochet Hook Set

features responsive plastic hook covers that take the pressure off your hands and fingers while you crochet, perfect for the marathon afghan crocheter.






ostartcrochethookssmallThe Ostart Twenty Four Piece Crochet Hook Set

The Ostart comes in its own handy dandy case, perfect for the traveling crocheter. This set has quite a few more of the smaller crochet hook sizes and could be perceived as a better value than the Festival






Crochet Books


crochetmotifbooksmallCrochet Motifs

Probably the best crochet book to appear on the market in years, discover all the different kinds of crochet motifs that you can incorporate into your next project. From stars to circles and everything else in between this will take your crochet skills to the next level.







crochetoneskeinwonderssmallCrochet One Skein Wonders

Every crocheter has a random single ball of yarn that they want to get out of their stash. This book of single skein crochet projects will hopefully help your crocheter get rid of a little bit of yarn (one can hope).






howtocrochetsmallHow to Crochet, a Complete Guide for Beginners

If youre loved one has been talking about learning how to crochet, check out this learn-to-crochet book. You might even be able to turn a knitter into a crocheter with it. It's full of step by step instructions and crochet patterns to get them motivated to learn.







crochetboutiquesmallCrochet Boutique

Here's a book for the more experienced crocheter. From infinity scarfs to crocheted tams, your crocheter will love new projects to make. Some of the most modern takes on crochet design we've seen in decades.








Crochet Bags


I Crochet so I Don't Kill People Bag

This bag is cute and a little crazy at the same time. Throw in some crochet hooks, some cotton yarn and a few crochet magazines and you will have put together the ultimate crochet gift bag.






bagsmithbag12The Bagsmith Bag

This is one of the best craft bags on the market, flat on the bottom, open at the top with a ton of plastic see-through pouches surrounding the exterior, this bag will allow your crocheter to take their crochet projects with them anywhere so that they can crochet everywhere.





Crochet for Kids

kidscrochetkitsmallThe Alext Toys Hip to Crochet Kit

Alex Toys Hip to Crochet kit will teach your child how to crochet, which could come in handy the next time you need a few hours to yourself and your kids are driving you crazy. When in doubt, get them to teach themselves a new skill (it couldn't hurt to try).



Stay tuned for more crochet gift recommendations to help you find the right gift for the crochet-obsessed person in your life. Soon we'll have birthday gifts for crocheters, Valentine's Day Gifts for Crocheters and even Mother's Day Gifts for Crocheters.

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